Understanding the Customer Journey with Xovis Technology

How SenSource and the Xovis technology unveil customer intent.

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customer journey

Retailers needs a new set of tools to capture rapidly changing consumer behaviors. SenSource, a Xovis Gold Partner, explains how Xovis technology is used to measure engagement and ultimately understand consumer intent. Download the full case study on the Xovis site.

SenSource In-Store Analytics Powered by Xovis

SenSource utilizes Xovis technology in their people counting system to collect data and measure engagement within different areas of retail space. In a recent case study with Xovis,  retail customer journey is analyzed to unveil customer intent. By collecting and analyzing the data, retailers are able to better manage their store, have a clear picture of conversion within their store and properly staff during high and low shopping times.

Although retailers are utilizing a number of different methods to stay up to date with consumer trends, technology is always at the top of the list. Without the use of people counting systems retailers would be left without measurable engagement rates to classify visitor intent and they would be unable to fully understand the customer journey to help with future planning of store layouts.

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