Keep Your Theme Park On Track With Changing Trends

In the U.S. the amusement park industry was a $19 billion industry in 2018 and it’s on the rise. 

Although the amusement park industry is growing at a fast pace, it is important for amusement parks to stay on top of changing trends to keep their guests excited and satisfied. Guests are savvier than ever and they are looking for the best bang for their buck while creating memories with those they love.

In recent years there has been a shift in what guests are looking for when they visit an amusement park or family entertainment center. Guests are no longer just wanting the biggest, fastest rides but they are also concerned about social responsibility and they are showing more interest in virtual reality technology.

One way amusement parks were able to incorporate conservation into their parks was to provide education about social responsibility to their guests. They were able to pair some of their popular rides with educational exhibits about conservation near their ride wait lines to create awareness on causes that may not be readily known.

Technology implemented in amusement parks and family entertainment centers allow management to have a clear picture of popular areas of the park. Technology such as people counting sensors and corresponding analytics software analyze the park data into easily digestible charts and graphs making it easier for management to work with.

Contact SenSource to learn more about people counting technology and how it can keep your theme park on track with changing trends.

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