Theme Park Trends to Thrill Your Guests

Thousands of visitors seek out theme parks and attractions year after year but what keeps them coming back to specific destinations? Park and facility managers find themselves asking this question as they prepare for the upcoming season. To start management needs to have data regarding their guests and the park in order to keep theme park visitors returning.

Previous experiences are always at the top of the list when visitors think about which theme park they want to visit. In order to create a positive memorable experience management needs to look at a number of things such as, anticipating high traffic areas, treating their employees fairly and having quick ride lines so visitors can pack more fun into their days.

Creating a Positive Visitor Experience

Understanding guests and highly anticipated areas of the park helps management to operate efficiently. Certain attractions may pull in more crowds if they are new and have been hyped up or if it’s a hot summer day water parks or rides may be more favorable. Knowing this information allows management to add more attractions and offers to grow crowds in other, less populated areas. This would create a good flow of traffic throughout the entire park and not overcrowd popular areas making it more enjoyable for the guests. Management is also able to properly staff the park based off of high traffic times and areas to make sure there is plenty of help on hand or even staff the maintenance and cleaning crews during specific times to keep the grounds clean but not be too obtrusive.

theme park trends

Let’s face it, no one like standing in those dreaded lines waiting for their turn to ride the biggest roller coaster or craziest attraction but they’re inevitable. People expect to wait in these lines but don’t want to spend their entire day there. A people counting sensor such as the SenSource ClearCount 3D series can be set up to monitor queue lengths giving traffic data to management. Once they have a grasp on traffic levels at specific locations management is able to post signs alerting people to ride wait times from certain points. Some theme parks have even implemented a system to give guests tickets for rides at specific times to cut down on their wait time altogether.

Your employees are typically the first people guests interact with when they arrive at your theme park. If you treat your employees well they will naturally be more appreciative and excited to work each day. This joy emanates through them as they interact with visitors and are more willing to go the extra mile to assist guests throughout the day. Proper staffing and keeping the staff informed on team goals and stats is a great way to achieve this. People counting systems offer the ability to gather this data and to be easily shared between departments. Cheerful employees help to create the ultimate customer experience by being present, helpful and the joy that they have for their job can often be contagious as they speak to guests.

Each year visitors are going to seek out their favorite theme park to visit with their friends or family members. Make sure your theme park or family entertainment center is at the top of their list by creating the ultimate guest experience by anticipating the high traffic areas, creating speedy ride lines and having helpful employees. Contact a member of the SenSource sales team to see other ways people counting systems can keep your theme park visitors coming back year after year.

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