3 Ways to Give Your Guests the Ultimate Experience At Your Theme Park

Is your theme park giving your guests the experience they expect when they visit? Theme parks that evaluate the previous year trends and properly prepare for the coming years attractions and traffic will have a competitive advantage over those who do not.

There are over 400 amusement parks in the United States alone, each one bidding for the same audience. Although theme-park attendance has risen steadily over the past few years, one should not rely on the rise in traffic to effect all parks similarly. There are a number of things theme parks can do to stay at the top of the most visited theme park list and watch the guest traffic increase.

Here are three key measures to take into account to ensure that your guests are wowed and will desire to return the following year.

theme park guest experienceA Personalized Experience

Giving guests an experience they wouldn’t otherwise have is one of the main points that keep people coming back year after year. People like to be transported to another place for any given amount of time. Personalizing an experience or attraction helps to solidify this concept further. Michael Hinshaw, CEO of McorpCX, stated in a previous article The Future Of Customer Experience? It’s Getting Personal, “Personalization is the foundation of innovative customer experience.”

Implementing personalization into park rides and attractions is a great way for park owners to tap into this feature. However, they must walk the fine line of not overdoing a good thing and keep it subtle but still leave a mark. This is a very competitive market and the parks that can create a personalized and customized experience for guests will retain more customers, increase loyalty and boost overall customer satisfaction.

Employees Matter

Your employees are the people that guests interact with the most when visiting the park; they are the first faces they see as they’re greeted at the front gates and they are the friendly voice saying goodbye as they exit. Ensuring your employees are well taken care of and are properly compensated for their work is pertinent to running a great amusement park. Senior Programming Director at Disney Institute, Bruce Jones, stated in his past article, “Creating great customer experience comes down to having great people and treating them well. Looking after your people makes them feel more engaged with your organization and more committed to your service goals.”

Line Wait Times

A single day at an amusement park can go by rather quickly if you spend your time waiting in lines for your favorite rides. Visitors have stated that they believe they spend about a third of their time waiting in line at amusement parks. A virtual queueing system, such as those used at Disney, Universal and Cedar Fair, help to alleviate the long lines. This system allows guests to be placed into a virtual queue eliminating them from physically standing in line, they simply return at a specified time for their ride.

Implementing a people counting sensor and Vea analytics reporting platform shows park owners their actual line wait times and helps them to analyze where they should have additional activities for guests. Park analytics also allows wait times to be posted in the queue line so guests know what to expect as they’re waiting.

Understanding theme park guests on an individual basis has become much easier thanks to technological advances. Theme parks must ensure that they are creating a personalized experience for their guests, taking good care of their employees so they can take care of your business and maintain quick queue lines if they want to retain park guests and their families year after year.

Contact a member of the SenSource sales team to learn more about the best people counting sensor for your amusement park. Learn more about theme parks in the 21st century in this great infographic: Amusement Parks Provide Ride Wait Times

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