Museum Operations Simplified

Government employees understand how many steps are involved in operating museums, public parks and visitor centers. Everything needs to be properly analyzed and evaluated before action can be taken. The daily operations are often quite involved, implementing a people counting system helps to simplify museum operations. Each government facility...

Sensible People Counting Solutions for Various Applications

Some industries have strict budgets that they need to adhere to each year, others have large entryways that require special hardware and some need to collect traffic data outdoors. There may be a variety of applications that need to collect traffic data but there is also a variety of solutions available too. Government Entities & Libraries...

Library Technology Improving Patron Experiences

For many years’ libraries have been implementing technology into their daily routine either in way of assisting patrons or to ease the responsibilities of librarians. Although technology is advancing at a rapid pace the fundamental role of a library remains the same. “Essentially, I see no fundamental difference between the role of...

Properly Manage Common Spaces in Your Facility

You’ve probably been in the situation at least once in your life where you arrive at a meeting room or common dining area and the room in packed or possibly already booked and you have to find another place to meet. It often makes for an uncomfortable situation for all parties involved but there is a way to avoid these situations altogether....

5 Ways Your Church Facility Can Encourage Attendance

Attendance collection in churches helps church administrators realize the fluctuation of congregation size and provides a benchmark for growing the congregation. There are countless factors that go into why someone attends church. One area to consider is if your church facility is encouraging attendance. First, determine the reasons why people...

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