How To Compare Multiple Facilities In Varying Geographical Areas With Vea

Multiple facilities, often across a vast distance, in any industry will leave you comparing data on each location and comparing differences among them. Cohesion between locations is typically the task of management and they are able to obtain this thanks to the help of data analytics. Management studies and compares data between locations to...

SenSource Employee Spotlight – Jon Drokin on Vea’s Reporting Platform

Many exciting changes and updates have been occurring at SenSource over the past year including the recent launch of our improved analytics reporting platform, Vea. Behind a lot of these exciting upgrades is Jon Drokin, SenSource software specialist. We recently sat down with Jon for a one-on-one discussion about his day to day events to find out...

3 Point Checklist To Choosing A People Counting Solution

Universities and colleges across the country find themselves staring at their budget each year trying to figure out the best way to allocate the funds they have received. Each department must take careful consideration when thinking about its needs over wants, strong data to back up their requests can often make or break their newest projects....

7 Reasons to Use People Counters

Overseeing the operations of a retail store is a daunting task. Analyzing store point of sales (POS) data can only tell you what happened in a day but not how. In order to efficiently run a business, owners need to have the full picture of how their store is operating. Installing and utilizing people counting systems can tell you how to effectively...

How to: Increase Library Traffic with Data Analytics

A library is a collection of information and resources, made accessible to a community for reference or borrowing. Over time libraries have slowly evolved into digital hubs. These digital hubs give a new avenue of information to people. As people migrate towards the digital world traffic at some libraries have slowly decreased. Many facilities have...

4 Ways Library Data Helps the Growth of Your Library

The nature of libraries has always been to be a gathering space of minds, to house information and to allow learning to thrive. Over the years technology has creeped its way into libraries and has become a new tool for learning and a new avenue to obtain information. Libraries and librarians know their community better than most people and are...

Big Data Revealed

The term big data has been tossed around for the past couple of years and seems to be gaining momentum but do people truly understand what it is and how to benefit from it? Big data is so vast and encompassing that it starts to become cloudy when an untrained eye starts to look at it. Jeff Roster, research vice president with Gartner Research had...

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