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SenSource's Vea Analytics Software

Interacting with traffic data has never been better.

As smart executives know, foot traffic data can reveal invaluable insights and opportunities. Vea brings this data to life. By knowing more about customers’ shopping behaviors, patron visitation patterns and the impact of external sources, business executives are armed with sophisticated decision-making analytics.

SenSource Vea Analytics Software is a proprietary solution designed, created and supported by SenSource, Inc.

Smarter, faster business decisions are made with live performance data at your fingertips.

At SenSource, we created Vea to translate your raw data into meaningful information that reveals patterns and profitable insight. With Vea, you can quickly recognize and analyze traffic patterns that enable you to make key decisions about your facility’s layout and operations. It can also help to provide insight into ideal staffing levels and placement based on the hour, day, month and season, thereby enabling superior customer service. This software solution can even help you analyze your marketing and sales promotions to determine how they achieved success or failure, and when.

Data is hosted on our secure servers and is accessible to verified users anywhere, anytime and on any device through Vea's web login. We've eliminated the hassle of downloading software to a single-user PC, maintaining updates and allocating space on your own server, making Vea easier to use and ensures you're always accessing the latest version. 

This fully customizable business intelligence software system provides the tools to analyze multiple key data sources simultaneously, such as traffic monitoring, POS, staffing and weather, all by employing helpful dashboards and revealing reports. Receive automatic reports straight to your inbox, customize your own dashboards, compare daily, weekly, monthly, or annual data, and monitor your data in real time with complete security. These features and more will enable your business to make smarter, faster decisions backed by analysis that is always at your fingertips.

Learn more on the blog about Vea's new heatmapping feature >>

Vea provides valuable data and analytics for a wide range of applications, including:

Retail >>
Knowing the details of your store’s operations allows for predictive analysis to schedule staff and have insights into effectively staffing and running promotions.

Library >>

Multi-channel dashboards and automated reports can help transfer data across all branches and levels to allow for a more efficient library operation.

Casino >>

Receive personalized reports for specific user groups and have a detailed look at casino operations.

Fast Casual Dining >>

Take a closer look at labor costs and customer wait times to improve customer satisfaction.

Government & Public Spaces >>

Analyze usage of visitor centers, parks and museums across local and national facilities.

Space Management >>

Unlimited data sources, such as room scheduling software, can help take a closer look at facility operations and space utilization. For applications such as conference rooms, office hoteling, university student unions and churches. 

Student Unions >>

Improve your university operations and make smarter, faster decisions with this real-time performance data at your fingertips.

Queue Metrics, Dwell Zones & Occupancy >>

Advanced features tell you more about your traffic such as how long and how many customers are waiting in line for service and facility occupancy. For applications such as service counters, fast casual dining, amusement parks, museums and interactive kiosks. 

Vea offers a dynamic solution to see your business more clearly. Contact us for a software demo or call us at 855.828.5900.

Download Vea Software Brochure >>

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