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Performance Data

Sensource VEA Analytics has led to 98.87% accuracy in counting traffic companywide for a 114 store global luggage retailer.

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  • Dwell & Occupancy

    Dwell & Occupancy

    Analyze dwell zones and store occupancy to determine most popular areas of the store and optimize store layout.

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  • Staffing


    Optimize staff levels based on traffic analysis to improve conversion rate and the customer experience.

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  • Marketing Strategies

    Marketing Strategies

    Measure marketing effectiveness by determining the cost per shopper and the impact of campaigns on store traffic.

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  • Queue Management

    Queue Management

    Decrease service wait time and improve customer experience by matching check-out personnel with customer traffic.

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  • In-Store Analytics

    In-Store Analytics

    Close the gap between ecommerce and physical retail analytics by measuring employee engagement and customer behavior such as dwell time, shopping patterns and demographics.

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Why Use Vea Retail Analytics?

Make better decisions to optimize your store’s operating efficiency. Using POS data can only tell you what happened in a day, but not how it happened. Combining people counters with Vea analytics software can help you to understand your store’s true opportunity. Find the answer to the question, “How effective is your store at capitalizing on the opportunity presented?"

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who benefits most from retail intelligence with sensource

Retail Corporate Executive

View the overall performance of the retail chain, compare performance goals and benchmark in-store analytics.


Compare pre and post campaign traffic and set traffic goals to gauge marketing effectiveness.

Regional Management

Compare performance to goals of stores in a region. Reward top per forming stores and plan visits to store in need of improvement.

Store Management

Use historic traffic data to predict future trends and peak times. Staff according to predicted traffic to ensure adequate cover age.

Average Yearly Corporate Sales Calculator

SenSource clients report a conversion ratio increase on average between 1-3%.

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