Predicting Retail Traffic Patterns

Understanding your customers and their needs can be a complicated process. Having the data to understand customers helps management predict retail traffic patterns.

Technology is being implemented into retail stores in more ways than one. Customers expect a certain level of customer service and ease in the shopping experience. In order to provide excellent service, management relies on a number of different technologies. In a recent NRF article, 3 Things to Know About Retail Tech Investments, Katie Jordan shares a variety of technologies helping consumers during the shopping journey.

retail traffic patternsConsumers are now to the point that they look for technology to help them during their shopping journey either in-store, online or mobile shopping. “Nearly half of shoppers expressed interest in tech solutions that assist with the early phase of the shopping journey.”, Jordan mentioned in her article. Providing consumers with the technology they are looking for is one way to ensure they return to your store.

One technology retailers utilize to help management understand the customer journey within their physical stores are people counting systems. These systems accurately measure traffic throughout the facility and monitors how long or how many people gather at displays. People counting systems also have the ability to measure the length of a queue line at the register. This information can be analyzed and alert management when lines are taking longer than anticipated.

Data analytics software, such as the Vea analytics reporting platform, helps retailers understand peak times allowing management to properly staff the retail space to provide the best service to customers. This helps guarantee that potential sales do not become missed opportunities.

Offering consumers technologies to ease their shopping journey and offering management the proper technology to understand their shoppers while in-store will help to ensure consumers return. Advancements in technology is allowing management to create a big picture of their retail operations.

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