The SenSource People Counting Solution

The SenSource people counting solution includes hardware, software, installation and support services. Our expertise in people counting ensures you’re receiving the best product for your application. We manage the details so you can focus on what’s really important – accurate people counting data for better business decisions.

You’re just three steps away from unlocking powerful insights from your facility’s traffic data.

People Counting Hardware

1. Selecting People Counting Hardware

Our sales team takes pride in consulting with you to analyze your unique use case and facility layout. These details reveal the correct people counting sensor video lens type, quantity of sensors needed, and other components necessary for your complete solution.


Large Crowd Counting

2. Implementing the Solution

Our project management team will coordinate with you and execute installation services or provide documentation if you plan to install the system yourself. Once installed, our technical support team will calibrate your people counting sensor and validate accuracy.

Case Studies

People Counting Software

3. Training People Counting Software

The final step is to be trained by our technical support team on how to use Vea reporting and analytics platform. Our training sessions are designed for you to take ownership of your people counting data and feel comfortable using all the features Vea has to offer.


Tell us a little about your application and facility type for a price estimate. Let’s get started!

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