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The following form will guide you through several steps to gather details about your solution. Most questions are optional, so if you're not sure how to respond, simply skip that section. If you're not ready and just want to ask a question please visit the Contact Us page

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Certain environmental factors may impact what product is best suited for your application. Please indicate below if any of the factors are present at any the areas to be monitored. Don't worry, we'll find a solution that works for you, this just helps us with product selection.

Environmental Factors (If Applicable)

(Optional) For the most accurate results, you can download and fill out the following template with information for each of your locations. Please email the completed form to

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(Optional) For the most accurate results, you can download and fill out the following template with information for each area you plan to monitor. Please email the completed form to

Download Multi-site Implementation Template

(Optional) Please upload images of the area(s) that will be monitored.

Installation Options

Successful sensor installation typically requires two activities. First, a network cable must be run to the installation site. Next, the sensor needs to be physically mounted either to the ceiling or another structure or mounting accessory.

Installation Activities

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Because you have indicated that there are multiple locations to deploy sensors to, please use the multi-location implementation template provided in the previous step to indicate your per location installation preferences.

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The complete SenSource solution includes high accuracy people counting and tracking sensors, professional installation services, on-going device management, and robust reporting and analytics software. Please use the selection below to highlight your prefences regarding software solutions.

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There are several options for integrating SenSource count data as part of your overall retail analytics solution. Please indicate what method of integration is of interest below.

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