Oh Wow! Science Museum Volunteer Day

OH WOW! The Roger & Gloria Jones Children’s Center for Science & Technology is making learning fun for children in Youngstown, Ohio. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are areas of study best grasped through real-world applications and hands-on interactions. The Children’s Center brings these concepts to life through exhibits such as Toys: The Inside Story and Journey of Knowledge. Chris Listorti, SenSource Sales Rep explains, “The Oh Wow! Science Center is a ‘treasure chest’ located in downtown Youngstown.  Having this great educational center here in town that encourages children to explore, discover and develop their minds has such a positive effect on the families, the schools and the whole community!” Monday, SenSource completed its sixth volunteer day project by assisting the Oh Wow! Children’s Center assemble the new “Toys: The Inside Story” exhibit. Five SenSource reps constructed interactive stations featuring gears, pulleys and circuits to teach children how toys are built and what makes them function. “This new exhibit will continue to shape the creativity in the minds of the kids in the Mahoning Valley,” expresses Listorti. Tony Valenzisi, SenSource Project Manager, also chimes in, “Working with the staff at Oh Wow!, Suzanne and Angelo, was a great experience. The SenSource team showed up ready to work, we got, what looked like an 8 hour project, done in 4. I really enjoyed it, and would do it again.” Visit the Oh Wow! Children’s Center website for more information on visiting or volunteering. Visit the SenSource Community page for more info on our Corporate Volunteer Program.

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