Occupant Counter

Manual, Automated & Hybrid Solutions

Monitor and report on customers entering and exiting your facility with an easy to use, web-based occupant counter. Data can be collected manually with a handheld counter, automatically with people counting sensors, or a hybrid of both.

SAFESPACE Lite Handheld Occupant Counter

Start Counting Shoppers Today!

• No hardware required
• Use any smart device
• Count in and out foot traffic
• Real-time monitoring
• Low Cost – Immediate Startup

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SAFESPACE Enterprise Occupant Counter

Automated, Manual, or a Hybrid of both

• Choose between a fully automated solution using people counting sensors or manual inputs…or use both!
• Heads-up display interface for TV via the Amazon App Store
• Historical reporting and analytical tools
• Increases accuracy
• Frees up resources

How It Works >>

Compare SAFESPACE Enterprise & Lite Occupancy Monitoring Solutions

How It Works

How to Use SAFESPACE Lite Occupant Counter

easy to use capacity counter

1) Your SAFESPACE company account is created with admin and attendant users.

mobile tally counter

2) Attendants access the SAFESPACE URL on a phone or tablet and track in and out traffic. Multiple attendants at various doors can access SAFESPACE simultaneously for a combined view of building occupancy.

How to Use SAFESPACE Enterprise Occupancy Monitoring System

Customers may want to get started today using the manual method described above, then upgrade to an automated solution, or use a combination of both across multiple locations.

1) Your SAFESPACE company account is created with admin and attendant users.

2) If automated, the sensors count how many people enter and exit. SAFESPACE calculates current occupancy in real-time by combining the data from each sensor.

If manual, or a hybrid, counts are adjusted using the manual smart device counter.

Regardless of which method, all data is accessible on the reporting platform.

3) Color-coded occupancy status can be cast to one or more optional monitors via the SAFESPACE app available in the Amazon App Store, TV web browser, or any ChromeCast enabled TV. See the compatible devices for our display app here.

Text message alerts can be sent to management when occupancy limits are met or exceeded.

safespace occupancy reporting

4) View and report occupancy stats across all locations using the SAFESPACE reporting platform.

Report on historical data to confirm compliance over time and create “Best Time to Shop” reports to share with customers.

Reporting Occupancy Compliance with SAFESPACE Enterprise

automated tally counter reporting tools

When using SAFESPACE Enterprise, both the handheld occupant counter and the automated system report occupancy data to SAFESPACE cloud-based reporting platform. Both systems can be used separately or simultaneously.

For example, your building has two entrances and one uses an automated system while the other door monitors in-out foot traffic by an attendant using SAFESPACE on his phone. Or a second example, you own a 500 store grocery chain and half the stores use an automated system with people counting sensors and the other half use the manual method – occupancy data from every store is still available in the admin’s SAFESPACE reporting view.

You can also create important reports for your employees and customers. For example, “Best Time to Shop” reports can be downloaded and posted on your website to keep everyone informed.

7 Day Free Trial

Follow the link below to register for a 7 Day Free Trial. The free trial consists of the following:
• Manual counting via a smart device or tablet
• Access to cloud reporting for a live look at occupancy or a look back at trends
• Ability to cast real-time counts to a TV or monitor

Once the trial ends, users will have the option to subscribe to SAFESPACE full-time and even automate counting with SenSource’s video-based smart sensors.

Should SAFESPACE not work out at the end of the 7 Days, the account will automatically deactivate. No cancellation required. No fees. No strings attached. 100% Free.

Let’s Get Started!

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