A Look at NRF’s The BIG Show 2017

NRF’s The BIG Show 2017Today’s shopper is savvier than previous generations and that couldn’t have been more apparent than at NRF’s The BIG Show 2017 last week. Many were focused on how to keep the attention and attract today’s millennial crowd, who are much harder to please. This generation knows what they want and often expect it as conveniently as possible. SenSource displayed top of the line solutions from their 3D ClearCount solutions to the new C-cam* video people counter which was designed in-house. These devices are able to gather store traffic data and be analyzed quickly and efficiently using Vea Software for a complete facility overview. Implementing people counting traffic sensors like the 3D ClearCount or C-cam* allows management to have a full picture of what’s going on with one store or a chain of stores. By understanding the traffic flow, dwell areas and queue times at checkout management can recognize what is driving engagement and how to build upon it. In recent years customers have been harder to engage and we’ve seen a shift in shopping at physical brick-and-mortar locations to the internet. Retailers who do not recognize this shift in technological trends and address them properly will not be able to meet shopper expectations and will not be around much longer. SenSource understands the needs of retailers to keep up with customer trends and offers an array of products to fit any facility and budget. Contact the team at SenSource today to learn how they can help your facility stay top of mind with today’s customers.

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