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Adding Value to Holiday Shoppers with Intelligent Imaging Solutions

NRF’s Retail’s Big Blog posted an article this month, “The Economics Behind the ‘New Norm’ of Holiday Shopping”, detailing how the typical shopping experience has adjusted in response to new technologies and the economic state. In addition to the new norm of shoppers, retailers have also adopted a new norm to serve those shoppers and maintain a competitive edge. SenSource retail intelligence solutions customers are best prepared to make adjustments for the holiday shopping season by investing in technology that will provide value to their shoppers and increase the retailer’s overall sales and efficiency. “Today’s lackluster economy has become the new norm, and consumers and retailers are adjusting accordingly,” states Kathy Grannis author of the Retail’s Big Blog article. One way SenSource retail customers are adjusting is by using intelligent imaging people counters. Management realizes peak traffic times down to 15-minute intervals, enabling quick staffing adjustments to accommodate the influx of customers. As more sales reps are working the sales floor and operating checkout, customers are spending less time in search of items and in line, ultimately increasing their satisfaction. Grannis also states in the article, “…retailers continue to find new ways to provide value for their shoppers… From in-store kiosks that provide access to a company’s entire inventory to QR Codes that let shoppers in the store buy the item via their phone and have it shipped, retail will be more digital than ever this holiday season.” To add value to the shopper, retailers need to place new in-store kiosks, QR Code promotions and other hot spots in prime locations throughout their stores. Using intelligent imaging sensors equipped with path mapping and dwell mapping tools, retailers have visual proof of the highest trafficked areas as well as the most common routes customers take to navigate the store. These maps are key to intelligently designing the store layout and placing new kiosks, promotions and merchandise in the direct path of shoppers. Learn more about retail intelligence solutions and download a PDF brochure on the SenSource blog. Keep up to date on retail trends this holiday season and learn about the upcoming NRF tradeshow on Retail’s Big Blog.  

Grannis, Kathy. “The Economics Behind the “New Norm” of Holiday Shopping”. Retail’s Big Blog. 9 November 2012. Web. 26 November 2012. http://blog.nrf.com
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