Do you know how visitors are traveling through your museum day to day?

Analyze and understand your visitors’ journey to know what peaks their interest.


people counter

SenSource intelligent people counting sensors help you to accurately count the number of visitors entering your museum and measure their engagement throughout. The fully automated system detects and counts visitors with precision and sends data to Vea for reporting, analysis and sharing. 

Make better operational decisions to better serve your visitors by curating exhibits based off of popular areas of the museum and creating a natural flow of traffic. Learn more about the SenSource people counting system.

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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Traffic Counter Project Study

Learn how the USHMM utilized a SenSource people counting system to discover which areas of the museum were gaining the least and most attention. 

Lay the Groundwork

To give you the most accurate product recommendation and pricing, we need to learn a little about your museum and how you will use the data. Here’s the type of information to expect in our first discussion:

1. Number of entrances per location to be monitored

2. Dimensions of each entrance

3. Ceiling height

4. Entrance width

5. Photos of each entrance

Take at least two photos of each entrance. One of the entrance from inside the space facing outward and a second photo showing the ceiling just above the entrance.

6. Installation preference

SenSource to install or Self install In most cases, the sensor is mounted on the ceiling just inside the entrance to your museum. Typically one network cable (cat5e or cat6) is ran from the sensor that is mounted above your entrance back to your network switch. SenSource technical support will remotely calibrate and test your system for functionality and accuracy. 

7. Powering the sensor

The sensor is a PoE device, so it is important to know if you currently have PoE enabled switches or if PoE injectors are needed. 

8. Reporting preferences

SenSource’s Vea reporting software is a cloud-based software with an annual subscription. Pricing is based on quantity of sensors, so you can add as many users to Vea as needed.  You can access your museum’s visitor count in real time, make historical comparisons, forecast future daily traffic, and export reports. 

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