Key Upgrades to Consider When Revitalizing Your Theme Park

As the tourist season comes to a close at theme parks the management team goes full speed ahead in preparations for the following season. Offering guests a park with new features, rides or attractions is key to visitors coming back year after year. These ideas need to be at the forefront when revitalizing your theme park.

  In order to effectively revamp your theme park management must first understand who their customers are and what keeps them coming back. One way to understand your guests is through social media. People love speaking out on social media about their experiences, good or bad. By having a marketing team monitor social media platforms businesses can easily learn what past guests are saying. The issue is that comments may be negative, by waiting until the guests are complaining or venting can be a bad move. One way to be proactive on customer behavior and satisfaction is to implement people counting technology into the park. People counting sensors, such as the ClearCount 3D, monitor incoming and outgoing traffic of specified areas of the park. The ClearCount 3D monitors multiple people entering and exiting at the same time. It also accurately distinguishes between children, adults and other objects such as carts or wagons. By knowing which areas are high traffic and low traffic management can take effective measures. If a key area of the park was designed as a popular destination with high traffic but actually has lower than expected traffic, management can take action to figure out why the traffic is low. Perhaps the layout of the walking path isn’t as fluid or perhaps there’s no shade and guests have no place to comfortably wait. Management can do a simple walk through of the area and figure out what is deterring customers. On the flip side, if an area of the park is experiencing more traffic than anticipated management can assess the situation. They may determine that traffic needs rerouted or store carts and kiosks need relocated to prevent bottlenecks and overcrowding. When paired with Vea analytics software the ClearCount 3D provides you with key data sources such as, traffic monitoring, POS, staffing and weather through a variety of helpful dashboards and reports. Automatic reports can be sent straight to your inbox and allows you to compare daily, weekly, monthly or annual data. You’ll also have the ability to monitor your data in real time with complete security. Consumer behavior is constantly changing and evolving and theme parks need to replicate this behavior. Innovative designs, new technologies and modern amenities are memorable to customers and will help ensure their return next season. The IAAPA Attractions EXPO 2016 is coming up the week of November 14th. Be sure to stop by and visit the SenSource team at booth #2883 and see exactly how our people counting sensors and Vea analytics software can help to revitalize your theme park in 2017!

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