Rise of IoT Enabled Theme Parks

The rise in popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled theme parks will be one of the critical trends for amusement parks in the coming years. According to a recent study by Bloomberg, Global Amusement Park Market 2018-2022, “This technology helps in tracking and monitoring all the activities and manage the crowd at the park.”

IoT Theme Parks

Theme parks have been utilizing a variety of technology driven tools within their theme parks for years. Today’s technology enables theme parks to capture more data regarding visitor behavior than ever before. This technology allows theme parks to offer ticket holders a better experience, with shorter lines and access to more of the activities and services. Park technology offers everything from maps of the park with GPS tracking to pin point your location to checking into rides without having to stand in lines. This technology helps management reduce line wait times and relieve congestion throughout the park.

No More Long Ride Wait Times

Parks are able to offer a reservation process that allows guests to skip long ride wait lines altogether with these systems. This reservation system allows the guest to enjoy the park and return for a specific ride at a specified time. Ride wait times can be cut by almost 40 minutes.

Taking it a step further the system can allow guests to pre-order their food and beverages. Orders are taken from a special device given by the park or through phone applications. Understanding the average queue length time at any amusement park is important to managing the facility. A people counting system, such as the VIDX, offers data fundamental to implementing a reservation application, knowing when ride queues exceed the acceptable threshold, and engaging the reservation system can.

Attract a Wider Demographic

Although technology is everywhere theme parks can’t rely solely on it to advance their park. One trend to attract a wider demographic has been to install a different themed park next door to the main park, such as a water park. Two parks in one can attract more visitors and often increases the length of stay. Guests often stay the weekend, if not longer, at theme parks that offer multiple attractions. As technology evolves it creates new advancements that each industry must learn to adapt to.

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