Intuitive Technology through People Counters

Businesses are constantly looking for the next great technology to increase their bottom line and boost efficiency. Intuitive technology is a pivotal tool to making advancements within any industry. Being able to efficiently gather information and have it provide it to you in a way that’s comprehensible and useful is a huge benefit.

For the past two decades, people counting data has been collected using automated sensors. As with all worthwhile technologies, continuous advancements have been made to improve the functionality, installation and user experience.

Some of the latest technologies now utilize 3D and thermal technology to accurately collect data. With improved functionality, greater accuracy rates and more reliability, these sensors are able to discretely sit at high traffic areas monitoring and measuring traffic. These sensors are able to distinguish between children and adults, shopping carts and inanimate objects and know if people are entering or exiting a facility. They are also capable of measure the length of time people wait in a specific queue line or when u-turns are being made.

3D people counters have the ability to track and count all potential targets in multiple directions and zones because it has a bird’s eye view of the entry area. Retail stores, libraries, churches and amusement parks all utilize people counting sensors to accurately collect traffic data. Once data is collected it can be reviewed year-over-year to compare and contrast data numbers. By having year-over-year data the system is able to infer on the coming years traffic flow.

Holidays and marketing campaigns often utilize the intuitive technology so they know what to anticipate in the coming days. Retail stores for example often see an influx of foot traffic during the Christmas holiday season, by looking at the previous year or two worth of data they are able to properly staff and even stock their store for the holiday season.

Intuitive technology like people counting sensors paired with Vea analytics reporting platform can help to transform your facility and help you make better business decisions over the coming years. Contact a member of the SenSource sales team to learn other ways it can help your business and to view a free demo!

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