Conference Room Occupancy & Space Management

NEW! Introducing the latest Time of Flight technology to monitor occupancy,
paired with passive infrared motion detectors to auto-reset data, for the most accurate space management solution!

facility occupancy metrics
How many people are in my facility at a given time?

Make Efficient Use of Your Real Estate.

• Conference room usage metrics

 • Building safety standards

• Office hoteling

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Does the size of the meeting fit the room?

Reliable tools to measure utilization of important spaces such as conference rooms and meeting spaces. SenSource’s conference room occupancy solution requires minimal configuration and maintenance.

Incredible Accuracy.
Using Time of Flight detection technology, the sensor emits pulses of invisible infrared light, which bounce off surfaces beneath and back up to the sensor to relay data on how often spaces are used, at what time, and by how many people.

Recent advancements to sensor lens sizes allows a single sensor to cover more space than ever before – making measuring room occupancy a more cost effective solution than in the past.

In addition, PIR motion detectors automatically reset occupancy data when presence isn’t detected for a predefined period of time.

Utilization Metrics.
Vea Analytics Platform turns the occupancy data into visuals and insights for facility operators to make cost-saving decisions.

• Quickly view current occupancy in each room and set alerts if minimum levels aren’t met.

• View a bar chart of each room’s hourly occupancy to determine if spaces are continually occupied revealing the need for additional office spaces.

• Report on historical facility usage and make comparisons among locations.

• Vea’s REST API can push occupancy data to your existing space management software tools.