SenSource technologies assist facility owners and operators make efficient use of their real estate. The ClearCount 3Dpeople counting systems and Vea analytics software provide facility usage data such as how often spaces are occupied, at what time and by how many people. Facility operators can determine if spaces are being utilized efficiently, affecting resources such as lighting and HVAC consumption, and can properly allocate space based on actual user needs.


Conference Rooms & Offices
Room Scheduling, Utilization & Office Hoteling

The most common space management application is within office buildings, specifically facilities with shared working environments or multiple conference rooms. The shared working environment and office hoteling models are becoming more popular with wireless technology advancements. Determine available workstations using the ClearCount 3D dwell zone feature and incorporate the data with your room scheduling software. This information assists in realizing the need to expand or reduce office space.

Room scheduling software integrated with Vea analytics is also useful to efficiently schedule conference rooms. The ClearCount 3D system detects how many people are using the space so you can determine if the conference room size matches the actual attendance. Finding the most efficient conference room allocation will reduce costs by appropriately using lighting, HVAC and maintenance resources. Control systems can be incorporated to turn off lights and adjust the thermostat when no presence is detected in a space.

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University Student Unions

The student union is the university’s gathering place for special events, activities, dining, studying, meeting and simply socializing. With a constant flow of people, SenSource people counting systems help facility operators make sense of facility usage and traffic patterns. Much like office conference rooms detailed above, a ClearCount 3D system can determine space utilization for meeting rooms and auditoriums within a student union. Traffic monitoring throughout the main entrances of the student union realizes the need for expansion, details best place for marketing materials, signifies best time to perform cleaning and maintenance and overall provides data on how to efficiently operate the student union.

Paul Zuchowski, University of Washington, Husky Union Building
“I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I have appreciated the support, patience and assistance that Melissa and Greg have provided to us at the Husky Union Building in setting up our traffic count system… I have worked with many people during my thirty-four years in the student union field and I can attest both of these people are first rate professionals who go that extra step to help and assist a customer to get what they need.”

Case Study – Rhatigan Student Center at Wichita State

Case Study – University of Akron Student Union

Case Study – University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus – Fulginiti Gallery

Case Study – Boise State University Student Union

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SenSource ClearCount 3D people counter and Vea analytics software are a popular choice for counting attendance and space management within churches and places of worship.

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