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Patron Counting Analytics for the Library Industry

SenSource provides people counting software for libraries interested in making data-driven decisions.

In the library industry, data is essential for continued success and growth. Most libraries rely on patron traffic data to preserve government funding. Ensuring that accurate and reliable visitor data is being collected from people counters aids libraries in optimizing their staffing. Most libraries have a general idea of the traffic in and out of their facilities, but library people counting products gather definitive data, giving you hard numbers you can use to make strategic decisions. Combining SenSource people counters and people counting software, you can begin to understand patterns, trends and opportunities. 

“We use SenSource people counters to help us report our yearly statistics to the state and we also use the people counters to help us maintain a good staffing level.”  -Virginia Sharp March, Perry Public Library

Whether you manage a small or large branch library, patron counters and people counting software can make a big difference in your daily operations. It provides you with a base conversion rate, giving you the raw number of people who entered your library daily. Large library facilities can utilize this data to figure out which areas of the library people visited the most each day. 

David N. Morales, Swem Library College Of William & Mary
"We have had our thermal people counter now for almost a year and it has been rock solid!  The data is interesting to look at and it came in handy a couple of months ago when we had a tornado lock down.  We were able to ascertain from the data how many people we had in the library at the time.  Almost 500 jammed into our ground floor.  Without the counter we could have only guessed."

In addition to library patron counting sensors, SenSource Inc. also provides libraries with Vea Analytics Software, a program that analyzes the data collected by your library people counters. Vea Analytics Software allows you to learn more about your library, analyzing visitation trends and traffic patterns, so you can make important decisions with more insight and information. With the customizable dashboard, you can track specific data trends and monitor important numbers. This hosted solution eliminates the hassle of managing software and can be accessed anywhere using a web login, making it a perfect component to your library people counter. 

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