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SenSource Solutions for Government & Public Spaces

Traffic counting visitor statistics for parks, public gardens, museums, visitor centers, zoos and more.

Gain a deeper understanding of your facility’s operations at the visitor level. Parks, museums and government facilities can benefit greatly from analytics tracking software that provides deep insight into visitor statistics information.

Reporting visitor statistics to government advisors has never been easier using Vea software’s automated report sharing feature. And with 95% or greater accuracy and outdoor models in the ClearCount series, you’ll never second-guess your visitor statistics again.

Lindsay Simmons, Contemporary Arts Center
"Your help with the sensor here at the CAC, and your detailed explanations of how things work was super helpful. We really appreciate your support!"

The information collected is essential for receiving government funding, justifying staffing requests and adjusting hours of operation. Visitor statistics and traffic monitoring also detail traffic patterns, peak traffic times and most popular areas, useful for planning facility layout, placing marketing materials and planning staffing schedules.

Jonathan Bench, Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center
"My experience with SenSource has been great. Everything has been positive, whether it has been working on the technological side or through the sales staff."
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We have over a decade of experience providing automated visitor statistic reporting systems to national, state and local parks, gardens, museums and visitor centers. We’ve installed systems in historical buildings, ceilings with unique architectural features and outdoor environments using a variety of custom mounting options for an unobtrusive, aesthetically pleasing installation. Contact us to find the best people counting solution for your government facility’s needs. 

Case Study - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Case Study - Bestobell Aquatronix / Royal Ontario Museum

Case Study - Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada

Vea Analytics can help you monitor several initiatives that are essential for government & public spaces such as:

• Report visitor statistics data

• Justify staffing requests, funding and hours

• Measure most popular areas

• Monitor traffic patterns and change over time

• Scale staffing levels properly

• Adjust facility hours

• And More!

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