Measuring Success at Furniture Stores with People Counters

Do you know if your marketing campaign increased foot traffic to your furniture store? Measure success with SenSource’s people counting solution. Furniture stores across the country utilize SenSource’s solution to measure the impact of marketing campaigns by analyzing traffic trends. Traffic data is also the key to operational efficiency by making informed decisions on store hours, staffing levels, floor layouts, and more.

People Counters

The most accurate people counting sensor available, so you won’t second-guess your furniture store traffic. Ability to count buying groups, such as families, instead of individuals for a more-true conversion metric. Employee exclusion feature further refines your data by eliminating employees from your data set.

Data Analysis

The cloud-based reporting platform brings your data to life, revealing insights such as store-to-store comparisons and historical trends such as change in traffic this week to last. Includes pre-defined calculations for common KPIs, ability to integrate with POS data, predictive traffic and predictive staffing needs.






Furniture Stores Using SenSource Technology:

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