The Automated Church Attendance Method

Efficiently manage your church with SenSource’s automated attendance collection system using people counting technology. It alleviates the need to manually headcount attendants, leaving ushers to greet and serve as intended.

• Unifies your collection process

• Automated system saves time collecting and reporting

• Privacy filters ensure personal identity isn’t recognized

• Analyze, report and share data with Vea Reporting Platform

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SenSource at WFX Worship Facilities Expo 2018 Awards for “Building Automation Product or System” subcategory and “Building Systems” overall category winner!


Reporting Church Occupancy

Church Occupancy and Automated Attendance Tracking

Vea dashboards provide visual insights into church attendance. View current attendance, attendance by day for the week and the month. Additional charts, cards and graphs are available to build a dashboard focused on your most important church attendance statistics.


crossroads church project study “SenSource has been very responsive to our problems and worked alongside our technical team to troubleshoot the issues and resolve them. I continue to believe the data we’re getting from the sensors is accurate and helpful.” – Sue Landgrebe, Crossroads Church

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Grace Family Church chooses SenSource “We access the data multiple times per week for events and services and overall data analysis.” – Paul Loots, Grace Family Church

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The team at SenSource is ready to help you make measurable business improvements for your church. From researching the best system for your needs, to installation and supporting your system post-purchase, you can count on our team of professionals.

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