Casino People Counting Technology and Occupancy Monitoring Solutions

Using SenSource’s casino traffic monitoring solutions, casino operators can automate the task of counting guests to abide by occupancy limitations, freeing time to focus on creating an exciting environment for guests to enjoy themselves.

• Automated system saves time collecting and reporting

SafeSpace real-time occupancy to help control crowd sizes

• SenSource People Counting Sensors boast 97%+ accuracy

• Analyze, report, and share data with the Vea Reporting Platform

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Why Casino Traffic Monitoring is Neccesary

Threshold Counting

Counting traffic at the casino’s exterior doors

• Monitor peak and non-peak traffic times

• Report casino usage for tax purposes

• Optimize staff and table levels and placements based on traffic forecasting

Interior Analytics

Monitoring guest traffic throughout the casino

• Determine most accessed areas

• Evaluate placement of marketing signage

• Improve the overall layout of the gaming floor based on data

Occupancy Monitoring

SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring real-time solution

• Abide by COVID-19 occupancy regulations

• Inform guests of current occupancy levels

• Report historical compliance of occupancy regulations

How We Do It

Leveraging VIDX Series people counting sensors, SenSource can monitor and track casino visitors entering and exiting with precision. We guarantee 97%+ accuracy in high traffic buildings like casinos. Layered with 3D Video and Artificial Intelligence, accuracy will improve over time as the sensor learns it environment!

Data and decisions you can count on.

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Casino News on the SenSource Blog

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Casino Occupancy Limits – An Automated Occupancy Counting Solution

To ensure employee and guest safety as casinos begin to reopen, a myriad of changes have to be made, including regulating new casino occupancy limits.

Why You Should Automate Your Tally Counter

At SenSource, we’ve been in the business of counting people for over 18 years and have some insights on why an automated counting solution is the better investment.

How It Works – People Counting for Wide Entrances

Large open areas are very inviting and create a wow appeal as people enter however, from an operations stand point you have wonder how do you measure traffic in such large spaces? That’s where people counting for wide entrances and high ceilings come in.

abiding by casino capacity limits

Answering The Big Question – How Accurate Are People Counters

Accurate information, such as the data provided by people counting systems, can help you decrease unnecessary labor costs, plan better casino layouts and determine which promotions are bringing in the most customers. But how accurate are people counting systems?

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