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Why Use Casino Traffic Counting Analytics Software?

Casinos excel at creating an exciting environment for visitors to enjoy themselves. By adding casino traffic counting analytics software, casino owners can begin to make decisions about traffic flow patterns and equipment placement, resulting in improved customer experience. By measuring visitor interest in the gaming area, owners can not only gauge how many people are visiting the gaming floor, but can also adjust the layout for smoother traffic flows, plan advertising promotions and decide how to maximize gaming excitement.  

In addition, a ClearCount 3D casino people counter system can provide occupancy data to ensure your casino abides by occupancy regulations. Vea analytics software displays intuitive reports to share facility usage information for tax and other government purposes. 

The team at SenSource is ready to help you make measurable business improvements for your casino. From researching the best system for your needs, to installation and supporting your system post-purchase, you can count on our team of professionals.

"In business, it is very important to find people you can count on. Don is one of those reliable employees." - Marge Cardillo, MGM Resorts International

Vea Analytics can help you monitor several initiatives that are essential for casinos such as:

• Abiding by occupancy regulations

• Monitoring peak traffic times and the flow of traffic

• Reporting facility usage for tax purposes

• Determining most accessed areas

• Evaluate marketing and promotional campaigns based on traffic fluctuation

• Effectively placing marketing materials

• Staffing Optimization

• And More!

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