SenSource technologies can be used throughout the amusement industry to optimize operations, efficiently utilize resources and ultimately improve visitor experience and increase profits.

SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring Solution for the Amusement Industry

SafeSpace makes it easy to abide by new occupancy regulations as facilities reopen to the public. The automated system uses people counting sensors to track real-time occupancy. The cloud-based reporting tools and apps allow you to easily display occupancy on a customer-facing tablet or TV.

In addition to safety guidelines, occupancy data enables efficient amusement park operations by detailing optimum times to schedule shows and attractions when occupancy is high and maintenance and service calls when occupancy is low.

Virtual Turnstiles

Amusement parks and zoos typically use their ticketing system to determine total park visitors and peak traffic, however this only details when visitors enter the park not when they leave or leave and return. For visitors who plan an entire day at an amusement park or zoo, they may exit and reenter multiple times. A SenSource people counting system paired with ticketing data will tell you park occupancy based on entrances and sensor-detected exits.

Interior Analytics

In addition to monitoring visitor traffic at the entrance, SenSource’s people counting system also provides valuable data on how visitors interact inside your park. Interior analytics are key to monitoring performance of souvenir shops by calculating conversion rate. Utilizing sensors inside your park can also tell you how many people came to the giraffe feeding time, the acrobat performance, or any other special event.

Expected Ride Wait Time

When visitors are aware of a ride’s expected wait time, they can better plan their time at your park, improving their overall experience. Using a sensor at the beginning and end of your ride queue, SenSource’s system monitors the queue length and throughput rate to determine expected ride wait time. The time can then be displayed on smart signage to make visitors aware and set the appropriate wait expectations.

people counting queue metrics
How many people are waiting in line and for how long?

Restaurants & Cafe Wait Time Monitoring

How many people are in line at your park’s quick service restaurant? How long have they been waiting to be served? Which restaurant processes customers most efficiently?

By displaying the dwell monitoring dashboard on a monitor, employees can quickly see when the wait time exceeds acceptable limits and are motivated to meet their goals. The dashboard shows how many people are waiting in line, how long they’ve been waiting.

Theme park management can utilize Vea’s reporting tools to compare quick service restaurants and cafes throughout the park to determine which are most successful at processing customers and which restaurants need improvement.

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