3 Ways Libraries Are Increasing Patron Traffic

increasing patron traffic

Libraries have become a digital hub for community members, families, students, and professionals. As the digital age develops libraries have found new ways to attract patrons and thus increasing patron traffic.

Patron traffic is important for libraries to monitor for a couple of reasons. Maintaining government funding is one of the main reason’s libraries need to maintain steady foot traffic. To accurately measure traffic levels, libraries have been turning to technology for assistance. Patron counting systems, such as the SenSource VIDX allows libraries to collect raw traffic data for analysis. Pairing the technology with Vea analytics reporting platform gives libraries the opportunity to transform their raw data into informative charts and graphs. The information provided by the patron counting systems helps libraries to restructure their library where needed, by way of new programs, different service offerings and even expansions.

Creating A Personalized Experience

Understanding how patrons are utilizing the library will help with the planning of future classes, workshops and makerspaces. Each location has a different demographic that is looking for something slightly different out of their library. Monitoring daily traffic levels and analyzing program participation is one-way librarians are able to get a deeper look at their patron behaviors and start customizing their library to patron needs.

Patron Programs

Successful libraries create a strong sense of community. By offering a variety of programs to their patrons they provide an opportunity for fellowship within their community. Continuous analysis of library programs and workshops is important to the success of any strategy. This allows management to understand what is working and what is not.

It’s All About Timing

Libraries are now able to create programs, workshops and makerspaces based off of the patron traffic trends they have observed and analyzed. Traffic data creates awareness for librarians on peak times of day and days of the week, as well as, the busier areas of the library. This information allows librarians to properly plan upcoming workshops at beneficial times for the library and their patrons.

Obtaining, analyzing and understanding library traffic data is the most effective way to increase library traffic. Installing and implementing a patron counting system will offer libraries an efficient and reliable way of gathering the needed information. With this information in hand you can focus on day to day tasks and providing a great patron experience. Contact the SenSource sales team today to see how they can help increase your library traffic.

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