The Impact of Student Unions On Campus

Studies suggest that the longer a student remains on campus, the greater their chance for academic success. Colleges have learned the impact of student unions on their campus and find themselves working to maintain and improve upon them for multiple reasons.

Student retention is the key to success for any university, they must therefore look at their student body and campus as a whole to make it as welcoming and comfortable as possible. Understanding the needs of the students and how to win their attention over will ultimately help to retain them.

Technology on Campus

Today’s students have grown up in a different era where technology and data are at their fingertips. Distractions are around every corner and they look for the instant gratification that cell phones and tablets provide.

Colleges need to connect with students on this level. They need to be where the students are and provide an atmosphere that allows for this behavior while still providing a gathering space for social interaction. Before any renovations can take place colleges must first look at their current space to see if there are any problem areas or even if an expansion is in order. Implementing a people counting system helps to monitor foot traffic and occupancy of specific areas. Student unions can then take this data and analyze it so they know how to make effective improvements on the facility.

A Positive Campus Culture

Students look for a variety of things when they enter through the doors of the student union. Their needs can vary depending on the day and their workload. There are a few things the student unions should consider when modernizing their space. Technology driven spaces in this day and age is a must. Offering reliable Wi-Fi and charging stations for students is key. Students rely heavily on internet access while completing their school assignments or even just hanging out with friends.

Student unions should also look at the gathering spaces as a whole. It’s important to attract a variety of students and their needs. This can include seating for individuals to large groups and even quiet, secluded areas to high-activity areas. The variety of areas can be conducive to studying for an upcoming final or accommodating people who like to keep to themselves, as well as, inviting for groups of people to hang out and play games or work together on group projects.

The impact of student unions on campus is great, it is key to helping them retain students over the course of time. They welcome students and faculty and give them a place to gather, study, entertain and grab a meal. Whether you’re looking to renovate or expand the facility, it is important to understand the importance of the student union on campus.

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