How Outdoor People Counters Can Benefit Your Amusement Park

Having an outdoor people counter in place at the beginning of the season helps to ensure that you will have an accurate count of traffic through your park and queue lines.

SenSource offers weather-resistant enclosures for outdoor people counting applications such as amusement park occupancy and amusement virtual turnstiles. Occupancy can sometimes be tricky for amusement parks to accurately monitor. An outdoor people counting sensor capable of gathering incoming and outgoing traffic data in specified areas. This allows management to smoothly operate their parks daily functions and events.

outdoor people counters

Certain people counting sensors offer a variety of functions. The SenSource ClearCount Series has the ability to monitor multiple people entering and exiting at the same time which is ideal for busy amusement park times and areas. It is also able to accurately distinguish between children, adults and other objects such as carts or wagons. Many attendees arrive in large groups and the ClearCount 3D sensor is able to clearly count these families and groups as they are entering the park.

When management has a clear picture of the daily operations of their facility they are able to be proactive and create an unforgettable experience at the park based on customer behaviors. Properly staffing and scheduling maintenance during specific times relies heavily on understanding which areas of the park have high traffic and when. This guarantees that there is no interference while visitors are enjoying their stay at the amusement park.

The SenSource Vea Reporting Platform completes the traffic counting process by efficiently pulling park data into an easy to understand and populate dashboard that can be shared with multiple users across many interfaces. The platform allows for multiple dashboard views from top management viewing multiple parks and areas at a single time down to general staffing views based on their needs.

Fully customizable dashboards offers only the information that is pertinent to you and your team at any given time.

Traffic counting data is essential in understanding the traffic in and out and throughout your amusement park. Contact a member of the SenSource sales team today to learn more about their outdoor-rated people counting sensors.

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Can we get a quote? We are looking to get counters for our events thought the year.

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Hi Tiffany! Thank you for your interest in our people counting systems. I will forward your request for a quote to our Sales department. Have a great day!

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We are wanting to count users on our new via Ferrata. Can you tell me what options there are and how much? Our course is one way with one entry. Thanks

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