SenSource vehicle counters offer the greatest value available. Each Traffic Counter system is easy to install and priced right for any budget. Select from two varieties of systems below or contact our vehicle counter sales team for help selecting the right traffic counting technology for your application.

In today’s world, automation and data are two essentials for continued business success and growth. To capture vehicle counting and road traffic information, vehicle counters solve both of those issues. Most companies and organizations have a general idea of the traffic in and out of their facilities, but vehicle counting products gather definitive data, giving you hard numbers you can use to make strategic decisions. Sales and activity can give you a good idea of what has happened throughout the day, week or month, but with vehicle counters you can begin to understand patterns, trends and opportunities.

Vehicle counting products can be used in a number of operations. Frequently used by hotels, universities, municipalities, shopping malls and other businesses and organizations, vehicle counters are easy to install and priced right for any budget. The SenSource team works with each organization to select the right traffic counting technology for each application.

SenSource offers two vehicle counting products to meet the needs of many customers. These vehicle counting products include an Inductive Burial Loop System and a Pressure Hose System.

Inductive Burial Loop Vehicle Counter
TC-BL44 Series

Inductive Burial Loop Vehicle Counter Contact SenSource for Pricing

Inductive Burial Loop with LCD Display: Download brochure >>

Inductive Burial Loop with Count Recorder: Download brochure >>


  • Industry standard for vehicle detection
  • Dual counter for two lanes or Directional counter for single lane
  • Uses a 4 foot by 4 foot burial loop to count vehicle traffic
  • Insensitive to changes in magnetic fields, foot traffic and environment conditions
  • Not affected by vibrations in environment

One of the most accurate vehicle counting technologies available, the TC-BL44 series uses an inductive burial loop to count vehicle traffic. The TC-BL44 series is available for two lanes with single-direction traffic and for one lane with two-way traffic. These counters are insensitive to changes in magnetic fields, foot traffic and even environment changes like temperature, ice and wind. Unlike other vehicle counting products, the burial loop series is applicable in environments with vibrations such as recycling centers and industrial centers.

The Inductive Burial Loop TC-BL44 Series includes two models of data collection – using an LCD display for manual and visual data collection or using a count recorder data logger to download data to a PC.

Pressure Hose Vehicle Counter

Pressure Hose Vehicle CounterContact SenSource for Pricing

Pressure Hose Vehicle Counter with LCD Display or Count Recorder data logger: Download brochure >>


  • Portable battery powered with no wiring involved
  • Cost-effective, temporary counting solution
  • Counts each axel passing over the pressure hose
  • Available with an LCD display or data logger


The TC-PH50V2 series is a pressure hose vehicle counter that increments a count for each axel of passing vehicles. Easy to install and battery-powered, the TC-PH50V2 series is ideal for temporary or portable applications and remote locations where line power is unavailable. The simplicity of this vehicle counter makes it a cost-effective solution for traffic counting. Data is collected with an 8-digit LCD display or a Count Recorder data logger. This counter is not recommended for use in snow or ice.

A sensitivity circuit provides the ability to count slow moving traffic and lightweight vehicles. The circuitry also filters vibrations, eliminating repeat counts. Includes sturdy mounting hardware and a secure padlock kit.

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