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VIDX People Counter with AI

SenSource people counter solutions are comprised of a sensing unit and our Vea analytics reporting platform. With the power of 3D video and artificial intelligence (AI), SenSource people counters measure footfall, track and count individuals entering, exiting and dwelling with precision. Our technology and services guarantee accuracy of 97% or greater and reliability, even in high traffic environments.


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People Counter Features

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In addition to accurate people counting data, SenSource sensors boast these advanced features:
Simulated video footage is used to show concepts below.

retail people counterGroup count or shopping unit
An ideal filter for retail people counter solutions, such as furniture and appliance stores, where a buying unit is more valuable information than individual counts. Algorithms look at proximity and timing of individuals to determine the group and increment a single count for the buying unit.

Exclude children from data set or count separately
In many retail applications, children are not true buying opportunities and skew conversion rate. The child exclusion filter uses height to exclude, or count separately, people from the data set. View Related Products


U-turns omitted from data set
The counting logic moves beyond a simple footfall counter. If a person enters your facility, stays within the detection area, then leaves your facility, the count will not be added to your data set.

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Maintains detection of irregular browsing and lingering visitors
The sensing unit’s advanced algorithms will detect and maintain tracking on individuals for as long as they are within the detection area and only increment an entrance count and exit count when they commit to your set threshold (count lines). This avoids counting the same person multiple times if they linger within the detection area or pace near the entrance.

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Queue management and service metrics
Promote a frictionless customer experience with the help of queue and service metrics
In addition to door counters, queue management application and service metrics are optional advanced features for the VIDX people counting sensors. The sensor will determine how many people are in the queue, enabling you to dispatch additional help when the queue exceeds an acceptable length. It also determines the length of service time, such as at a help desk, customer service or cash register, and calculates average wait time using the average service time and current queue length.Learn more about queue metrics >
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