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SenSource people counting solutions are comprised of a sensing unit and our Vea analytics reporting platform. With state of the art technologies like thermal imaging and 3D video, SenSource people counting sensors detect, track and count individuals entering, exiting and dwelling with precision. Our technology and services guarantee accuracy of 95% or greater and reliability, even in high traffic environments with people walking in various patterns. Advanced algorithms determine humans and omit other objects such as shopping carts and boxes. Advanced algorithms are able to detect and count humans while omitting other objects such as shopping carts and boxes across thresholds, within defined zones and queue lines. With accuracy, reliability and a world class, cloud-based, business analytics platform, business decisions are made with speed and confidence.  




In addition to accurate people counting data, SenSource sensors boast these advanced features:

Exclude children from data set or count separately

Many retailers do not want to include children in their data set as they are not true opportunities to the store and skew conversion rate. The child exclusion filter uses height to exclude, or count separately, people from the data set.


Group count or shopping unit

This is an ideal filter for furniture, appliance and other stores where a buying unit is more valuable information than individual counts. Algorithms look at proximity and timing of individuals to determine the group and increment a single count for the buying unit.






U-turns omitted from data set

If a person enters your facility, stays within the detection area, then leaves your facility, the count will not be added to your data set.







Maintains detection of irregular browsing and lingering visitors

The sensing unit’s advanced algorithms will detect and maintain tracking on individuals for as long as they are within the detection area and only increment an entrance count and exit count when they commit to your set threshold (count lines). This avoids counting the same person multiple times if they linger within the detection area or pace near the entrance.






Queue management

Queue management is an optional advanced feature for the ClearCount 3D people counting sensors. The sensor will determine how many people are in the queue, enabling you to dispatch additional help when the queue exceeds an acceptable length.

Service metrics

Service metrics are also an optional advanced feature for the ClearCount 3D people counting sensor. The sensor determines the length of service time, such as at a help desk, customer service or cash register. It also calculates average wait time using the average service time and current queue length.


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Multiple Sensors and Facilities

The ClearCount 3D series is the best people counting solution for monitoring multiple entrances within the same facility to determine overall traffic patterns, fluctuations and occupancy. It’s also the ideal solution for monitoring multiple facilities within the same organization such as a retail chain or branches of a regional library. Vea reporting platform allows you to report on an overall organization and drill-down to facility level and to data from each sensor. Multiple dashboards can be created for each view.

Video Validation

To validate the accuracy of the sensors and to setup initial calibration, a video feed is used. With SenSource’s platinum support package, validations are performed by SenSource support staff to ensure your sensors maintain 95% or greater accuracy.

Mounting the ClearCount 3D Sensor

All ClearCount 3D series people counters are ceiling mounted or installed above an entrance to obtain the best point of view of the detection area. SenSource offers a variety of mounting options including recessed plates, extension poles and black or white enclosures to maintain aesthetic appeal and functionality. Outdoor rated sensors are also available for outdoor applications. SenSource has worked with many clients in historical buildings and unique layouts and has the expertise to select a mounting kit that will work for your facility.


The Clearcount 3D series people counting sensors are all Power over Ethernet, PoE, requiring a cable run from the sensor to your network connection. SenSource provides full installation services and support staff to ensure your sensors are installed and calibrated correctly. If you have your own installation provider, we can help arrange self-installation guides and post-installation technical support for sensor calibration and training.

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