Eliminate the Labor of Collecting Attendance at Churches

Utilize automated people counting sensors to count your service attendance, freeing your ushers and staff to serve as intended. Historically, churches and other places of worship have always maintained records of number of people in attendance at each service. This information is essential in maintaining the operations of the church, realizing growth and planning future endeavors. A simple headcount is sufficient for smaller congregations but is an impossible task for larger churches and mega churches. Automating this mundane task with people counting sensors is the solution to collecting attendance at churches. attendance at churches


An investment in an automated church attendance tracking system results in many benefits to the church. It eliminates the need for ushers and other staff to collect the data, freeing their time to better serve the congregation as intended. The people counting system is a networked solution, therefore office staff can simply log into a secure online portal to view real-time attendance numbers, report on trends and easily share the information with others. An additional benefit of a networked solution is that the data can easily be integrated with other software programs using an API. Lastly, and most importantly, utilizing an automated attendance tracking system is the most accurate way to determine service attendance. There is no element of human error and the bi-directional system counts entering and exiting traffic separately and doesn’t double-count lingering or U-turn visitors.

How it Works

An automated church attendance tracking system uses an intelligent imaging people counting sensor, like SenSource’s ClearCount 3D Video, to detect, track and count people walking in the sensor’s field of view. The sensor unit is mounted to the ceiling above each entrance to the church sanctuary, or whichever main area data is needed, and a CAT5 cable run is required for each sensor. Data is transmitted to SenSource’s secure hosted server and is accessed using a secure web login to Vea Analytics Software. In Vea, attendance data from all sensors can be combined for a complete view of service attendance. The data can also be viewed down to the 15-minute interval; viewed in standard grids or customizable dashboards; shared with other users or exported for reporting.


Check out this third-party blog article by Ministry Business Services, Inc. featuring SenSource’s automated church attendance system and how a church is using it.

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