Could Your Library Benefit From High Tech Locations?

If you have walked into a library within your community recently you would probably notice how much they have changed over just the last ten or twenty years. They are filled not only with books and librarians reminding you to be quiet but they also provide a number of technology gadgets, cafes and makerspaces.

high tech locations

Over the past few years libraries have learned to embrace the changing trends with their patrons and have incorporated new areas with modern twists to keep patrons interested. Libraries today have everything from virtual reality headsets, 3D printers, scanners, video games and even circuitry kits. There seems to be something for everybody at modern day libraries. The technologies that libraries are choosing to add to their facility are all associated with entrepreneurship and innovation helping to push our next generation to excel with items they may not typically have access to due to price or availability.

As libraries found themselves trying to adapt to these changing trends they first had to look at their library internally. Understanding what is currently working within their library and what is not. By installing and implementing patron counters throughout the library librarians are able to determine which areas are high traffic and get the most use. These popular areas of the library are areas that the library will want to keep and maintain at their high standards. The less frequented areas of the library are the areas that librarians need to take a closer look at think about implementing new technology.

Kay Kavanagh Webb of Library Connect recently stated, “The best way to determine which kind of technology is most likely to be used is to conduct a needs analysis before moving ahead with a project.” Internal staff and support are typically the first step of this needs analysis, figuring out which technologies or activities may benefit their patrons the best and which areas of the existing floor layout they may replace. Once they narrow things down librarians can then reach out to the actual patrons of your library and talk to them about what they might like to see or use in the library.

Patron needs and desires within libraries are changing quickly and libraries must embrace the modern changes being made in their library or risk being left behind. High tech locations in libraries are the future of libraries creating big aspirations for patrons through innovation. If your library is ready to take the next step and analyze the traffic patterns of your patrons contact SenSource today to learn more about what patron counting systems can do for you.

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