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Do you find yourself wishing you could see how people counting systems work? Or how they benefit facilities on a daily basis? People are very visual learners by nature, videos have the ability to explain things on another level. Look no further, SenSource has a YouTube channel. This channel is chock full of videos to help you understand people...

Why Use People Counters in Retail?

  Using sales and POS data can only tell you what happened in a day, but not how it happened. Accurate store traffic data explains the store’s opportunity. Retail people counters give answers to the question, “How effective is your store at capitalizing on the opportunity presented?”  Traffic data determines the following statistics,...

Top 4 Features In Entryway People Counting Systems

Facility owners and operators implement people counting systems for a number of reasons. There is always an end goal in mind that will help ease daily tasks and help management make better business decisions. In this article we’re going to go over the top four features that management is utilizing with their entryway people counting...

Automate Attendance Tracking In Your Church

Churches with large congregations often find themselves pressed for time during busy masses. Staff members all have a specific job to perform before, during and after the mass and often times one of these jobs is to collect attendance data as people come and go from the church. It is important for churches to understand the number of people who...

What is the role of AI in people counting?

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is simply machines or computer systems performing tasks that usually require human intelligence. Computers are very good at processing large amounts of data and finding patterns in a short amount of time and overall doing this task much more efficiently than a human. Technologies, like people counting sensors, are...

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