Utilizing Your Church’s Full Potential

Let’s face it, most churches across the country have a lot of down periods where mass isn’t being held and congregation members are packed into the facility. But do you know when there are extended periods of time of non-usage or when members of the congregation could benefit from additional services? There are a handful of churches...

Forecasting Holiday Shopping Trends

Retailers rely on their forecasted traffic patterns year-over-year so they know how to plan for upcoming seasons. This couldn’t be truer for the holiday season. Shoppers come out in full force for the holiday shopping season due to sales, tradition and just spending time with friends and family. Retailers need to know how busy their...

Virtual Turnstiles Making A Difference at Your Amusement Park

Visitors tend to come and go throughout the day at amusement parks. Virtual turnstiles are one way to help monitor the foot traffic of visitors through the main entrance points of the park. A virtual turnstile can be installed and implemented in any main entrance and exit area of a park to show park occupancy at any given time. A simple...

3 Ways to Efficiently Operate Your Business

Management often creates and implements a business plan to properly assess what is and isn’t working within the business. One-way businesses are able to view the stores current operations is by selecting and installing a people counting sensor. These sensors provide management with the raw traffic data needed. Which can then be analyzed...

Is It Time to Renovate Your Student Union?

Any student or faculty member can tell you that the student union is the hub of any university. Thousands of people pass through the facility each day, visiting the dining halls, stopping by the book store or they have a meeting. Operations management must understand the student union traffic levels and know when an expansion or renovation...

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