Casino Owners are Yelling “Show Me the People” with Automatic People Counters

Retail businesses and automatic people counters are a perfect pair. However, other facilities can benefit from the data collected by people counters. Libraries and government facilities use the figures to justify additional funding, national parks and other popular attractions use the number of total visitors as a way to track their performance and universities use the technology to see how marketing campaigns are resonating with students. There’s one other place where SenSource Inc. automatic people counters are used to provide detailed insight on operations − casinos. Casinos thrive by creating a fun and energetic environment for patrons to enjoy. By installing an automatic people counter, a casino owner is able to see patterns clearly and more efficiently. Floods of people can visit a casino daily and a system of people counters can yield insight on how those visitors make their way through the slot machines, blackjack dealers, poker tables, roulette crowds, craps enthusiasts and other games that are the center of attention. The casino’s challenge is measuring visitors’ interest in all the games they have to offer and capturing their attention. People counters will not only gauge how many people are coming in the door, but they can also see where the pedestrian traffic is coming from and flowing to. Taking a look at the traffic patterns allows a casino to adjust the layout for better flow, change the mix of floor space devoted to slots and table games, plan advertising and special promotions and decide to eliminate or add games to the facilities. The casino business also calls for a high level of security and safety precautions. It is no secret that cheating and theft are concerns in a casino environment. Automatic people counters will show clients when their peak times and numbers of visitors occur. These numbers assist management in scheduling personnel. Busier hours and areas require more surveillance and other employees to provide a level of service for visitors as well as handle any suspicious activity or complaints. Next time you enter a casino, remember automatic people counters are part of the management package that fine-tunes your surroundings to make sure your gambling experience is entertaining. Request a quote with SenSource online and find out why you can count on us.


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