Automatic Traffic Counters Burning the Midnight Oil

SenSource creates solutions for counting both people and vehicles, and because of their accurate reporting and versatility in diverse applications, they have been used in leading retail providers such as Express®, the legendary Smithsonian Institution, the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and dozens of other widely varied entities.  Automatic traffic counters have two huge advantages in their day-to-day functionality. One is their precise ability to record day and night and produce reliable data and the other is their ability to work in all kinds of environments, in both high and low traffic situations. The information collected by SenSource technology gives you a more fully developed snapshot of your business or organization’s activity. For example, an automatic traffic counter installed for people counting purposes will accurately measure customers entering and exiting a store so you can compare this number to the amount of transactions completed. This also lets you determine the peak and slower hours of operation. Similarly, traffic counters analyze vehicle traffic and provide reports revealing both volume of traffic flow and the peak traffic times. Automatic traffic counters are appropriate for measuring automobile traffic patterns in a variety of settings, not just for road traffic studies. They can also provide the data you need to analyze traffic flow in parking lots, at drive through windows, at weigh stations, toll booths, car washes and any other site. Many of these locations see usage 24 hours a day, with nonstop commuter and visitor traffic. Not having to rely on an operator to physically manage the sensor 24 hours a day allows companies to gather all the data they need without increasing labor costs. Automatic traffic counters burn the midnight oil without ever asking for overtime pay. Numbers are important, but the proper analysis turns raw data into insight. Sensource provides software that creates visual reports that are sent to business owners and depict day-by-day and side-by-side comparisons of customized key performance indicators. That sort of insight can help you improve your business. Automatic traffic counters are reliable and efficient and can reveal new perspectives on your business. Contact a SenSource sales team member today for answers to your questions or to request a quote.


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