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Automated People Counters Help Crunch More Numbers

Whether you’re a retail operation competing in the private sector or a non-profit institution serving the public, you’ve likely felt the pressure to work smarter with fewer resources. A recent report from Kantar Media, titled “Global Consumer Perspectives,” showed how middle-class consumers around the world are looking harder for bargains while feeling guilty about spending on non-essentials. Kantar highlighted the challenge these attitudes represent for retailers. Meanwhile, a chart on a recent post on the FiveThirtyEight Blog on The New York Times website graphically shows how spending by governments at all levels on services, a source of grants and operational funds for many non-profits and public agencies, is being squeezed by other categories of spending. You have to work smarter with fewer resources, and SenSource automatic people counters can help you do that. But what’s the point of gathering more data if collecting and analyzing it chews up precious staff time and resources?

People Counters and Software: A Powerful Combo

The solution lies in the powerful combination of SenSource automated people counters and Vea Analytics Software. With the automated people counters installed in your facilities, traffic information is gathered automatically and the Vea Analytics software can overlay your traffic statistics with an unlimited number of data sources. In-store consumer traffic can be compared to sales and staffing levels or can be coordinated with inventory, and that’s just the beginning. You can even see a study of your traffic based on the weather. Large organizations can easily compare different locations. The choice of inputs is up to you. The advantage of the combination of the automated people counters and Vea Analytics software is that the reports you want can be generated automatically as spreadsheets and graphical reports in various formats and scheduled for e-mail distribution. A drop-and-drag interface makes it easy to produce the reports you want and the secure system allows you to share the information or keep it confidential as appropriate within your organization.

Make an Airtight Case for Funding

Institutions such as libraries, parks and museums that rely either partially or entirely on public funding face increasing pressure to show that they are using public funds efficiently and effectively. This represents a particular challenge for open public sites that do not charge an admission fee. Attendance and usage statistics may be essential for obtaining grants or preventing cuts in public funding, and the combination of automatic people counters and Vea Analytics software allows institutions to provide reliable data in easily understood graphical form, without staff having to crunch the numbers or become graphic design whizzes. With scalable systems of various sizes and a wide range of capabilities, SenSource can put together a system tailored to your organization’s needs, whether you’re trying to compete in the market or better serve the public despite budget constraints. Start by looking at our lineup of SenSource automatic people counters and contact us with your questions.


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