Automated Occupancy Solution

Monitor how many people are in your building at a given time as well as the occupancy of rooms or defined spaces.

In response to COVID-19, businesses are adapting to government safety regulations, such as social-distancing. We realize these regulations will continue in the coming months and we’ll all be paying close attention to facility occupancy.

Businesses can have peace of mind knowing they are following these regulations with an automated occupancy system.

How It Works

overhead occupancy sensor

Install a VIDX people counting sensor at each entrance for facility occupancy; or at each interior entrance for space management.

turnkey occupancy solution

SenSource remotely configures the sensor to track with precision.

occupancy reports

Use SenSource’s Vea reporting platform to view current occupancy and report on historical trends.

Why Monitor Facility Occupancy?

automated facility occupancy reports

Real-time occupancy metrics to abide by government regulations

covid-19 occupancy safety

Ensure the safety of employees and customers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

facility occupancy reports

Confirm compliance to occupancy regulations using reporting tools and historical data.

Activate occupancy metrics within 24 hours!

Most customers using SenSource’s people counting sensors can have their system configured to monitor facility occupancy.

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Automated Building Occupancy