What is the role of AI in people counting?

artificial intelligence people countingArtificial Intelligence, AI, is simply machines or computer systems performing tasks that usually require human intelligence. Computers are very good at processing large amounts of data and finding patterns in a short amount of time and overall doing this task much more efficiently than a human. Technologies, like people counting sensors, are finding ways to incorporate AI to improve functionality.

People counting sensors using stereo vision technology utilize two video lenses to view a detection area. The onboard computer is set with algorithms to detect the shape of a human. As an overhead mounted sensor, it looks for head circumference, shoulders, the movement of the object, etc. to differentiate a human from other objects. The algorithm is so advanced that the sensor can detect humans with 95% accuracy.

Layering stereo vision technology with AI is making people counting sensors even more accurate. The sensor’s video feed is being observed to tag humans and other objects, with over a million tags in place already. Accessing this deep learning network trains the sensor to recognize infinite details to classify a human within the sensor’s detection area. The AI powered algorithm becomes even more sophisticated overtime as the deep learning network expands, making people counting sensors with AI the most accurate available now and into the future.

In addition to accuracy, AI opens the door for enriched consumer behavior analytics and future AI-powered applications. Contact us for a demo of this latest SenSource solution.

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