Answering The Big Question – How Accurate Are People Counting Systems?

The numbers that most business owners are concerned with usually include dollar signs. However, the numbers and data provided from a people counting system allow business owners to take a deeper look at elements of the business that affect the size of the bottom line numbers. Accurate information, such as the data provided by people counting systems, can help you decrease unnecessary labor costs, plan better store layouts and determine which promotions are bringing in the most customers. But how accurate are people counting systems?

SenSource has been in the people counting solution business for more than 15 years and the company’s products can currently be found in industries such as retail, casinos, libraries, government, student unions and more. We are going to take a look at how SenSource’s accurate readings work and what they can do for your business.

The technology at SenSource provides consumers with highly accurate readings in heavy traffic situations. The data analytics software, such as Vea, then helps companies decipher the results. The main innovations used in people counting systems to improve accuracy today are 3D advanced stereo vision tracking with artificial intelligence (AI).

accurate people countingAccurate People Counting Technology

3D People Counters use dual video lenses to detect people, this provides depth perception similar to the human eye so the sensors are able to measure distance. Because of this, these sensors are able to distinguish between humans that should be counted versus other objects or shadows. 3D people counters have the ability to track and count all potential targets in multiple directions and zones due it’s mounting height and view of the entryway. These sensors are also much less susceptible to light variations and are the most accurate and reliable people counters on the market today.

3D Advanced Stereo Vision Tracking

Advancements in technology has opened way to 3D video and AI technology. This technology allows for greater detection zones with more precise measurability. Today, SenSource people counting systems are able to distinguish between not only animate and inanimate objects but also specify a person’s height and gender. The AI technology in these sensors allows them to recognize the gender of a specific person based off of characteristics such as height and body shape. A sensing unit has the ability to filter group counts, employee exclusion, and recognize walking patterns such as u-turns and irregular browsing or lingering.

Key Features of 3D Video Technology

  • Group count – Recognizes a group of individuals entering the facility at a single time as a single buying unit.
  • Child Exclusion – Excludes children from the total people count as they are typically not a true purchase opportunity.
  • Omitting U-turns – See’s a person that approaches the entryway and makes a u-turn as a single person and does not recount the same person based off of the specific walking pattern.
  • Irregular Browsing Patterns – Observes visitors who create irregular browsing patterns or lingers at specific displays as a singular person.
  • Queue Management – Accurately measures the number of people in a queue line and the length of time each person is in line.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, SenSource is able to guarantee an accuracy rate of 97% or greater and reliability with their 3D video and AI technology and services.

Accurate people counters can provide a lot of information to an organization and make an impact on future sales and costs. For more questions on how accurate are people counting systems, contact SenSource online or call 800-239-1226.

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Oliver Ray says

I never knew that sensor technology had improved so much to exclude a child from the count of customers. My brother is thinking about getting a counter, but he has a lot of families enter his store and he didn't want to seem discouraged by the number of people that didn't purchase something compared to those that did. It looks like he might have to get one of these people counters to make sure the family counted is really just the mom without the 4 kids she has.

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