Amusement Parks Focusing on Visitor Experience

Amusement parks see millions of people visiting their parks and attractions each year. People find great enjoyment in gathering at these parks, riding the rides with their friends and family and viewing the many different forms of entertainment available. The key to each parks success is providing an amazing visitor experience to ensure that they’ll return the following year and possibly bring more friends with them.

There are currently over 400 amusement parks and attractions in the United States alone and 90% of the parks operate year round. Families with children top out the visitor list to these establishments and are their key target market to appeal to. Families tend to be more organized when taking larger trips to amusement parks and they appreciate all of the steps parks take to create a smooth and successful visit.

Visitor ExperienceVisitors ideally want to spend as little time as possible standing in ride wait lines. On average, visitors stay at the park for nearly 3 hours and ride about 10 rides per visit. Cutting back on the amount of time that visitors have to wait in line will increase the number of rides they can ride and give them an overall better visitor experience. Ride wait times can vary greatly depending on the level of traffic, busier days typically occur on the weekends, summer days or days with nicer weather. Long wait times also tend to occur at the more popular rides.

One way amusement parks have made it easier for park visitors to know current ride wait times is through mobile apps. Three-quarters of visitors carry smartphones when visiting an amusement park, those same visitors are able to plan out their trip prior to arrival by looking up general park info, buying tickets ahead of time and learning about the attractions.

Calculating ride wait times is a fairly easy process if you have the right tools. Based on the number of people waiting in line, the length of the ride time and by installing SenSource people counting sensors, parks have the ability to gather the queue data and process the information through the Vea Analytics Reporting Platform to automatically post the expected wait time. This data can be highly beneficial to park management allowing them to properly staff the attractions, as well as, the visitors who are waiting in the ride lines.

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