Why Choose SenSource?

When comparing people counting and traffic analytics providers, it’s important to understand all aspects of the company, services and products. Here are a few reasons why SenSource tops the competition.

Why Choose SenSource


Who We Are

Reliable and Experienced
SenSource has been in business, growing and advancing since 2002. We are a company of integrity and can offer a personal touch that larger corporations lack.

Our experienced team has expertise in turnkey roll outs and will gladly work with customers of all sizes from various industries.

Our customers are our investors with 99% retention. We don’t report to investors, therefore our customers drive our growth and we can focus on the customers’ needs.

people counting sensors

What We Sell

Turnkey People Counting Solutions
Our people counting solutions use the latest sensing technology. We are constantly evaluating technologies to ensure our customers receive the best-fit sensor for their unique applications.

Our people counting systems are finely tuned by professional technicians to an unsurpassed industry standard of 98% average accuracy. 3rd party certified accuracy.

Proprietary Software
First-in-class Vea Analytics Platform is designed and supported by in-house software engineers. Features include: POS and staffing integration; traffic forecasting; prescriptive staffing; dynamic customizable dashboards; API.

SenSource team

How We Do It

Communication is the foundation of our relationships, we listen to your needs and communicate our process each step of the way.

Our exceptional talent, expertise and refined processes allow us to meet our customers’ needs with efficiency and flexibility.

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Why Replace Your Current People Counting System with SenSource?

At SenSource, we pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations with our hardware, software and support. We manage the complexities of selecting, installing and managing a traffic monitoring system and continually develop Vea Analytics Platform to unlock the power of that data. With SenSource as a partner, our customers can focus on what really matters: Efficiently managing operations to maximize customer experience with impact to profits.

We’ve successfully managed retrofits and complete swaps of competitor systems for our customers and offer a low-cost path to upgrade for qualifying customers. Here are just a few reasons why customers left the competition and chose a SenSource people counting system:


If you’re paying too much or are frustrated with your existing people counting system, contact us to get on a quick path to relief.

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Retail People Counting Provider Comparison

SenSource ShopperTrak RetailNext
Ownership Status Private
Consistent ownership since 2002
Multiple ownership changes
Venture Capital-backed
Measurement of Success Customer Satisfaction Investors Investors
Target Market Multiple Verticals Retail Retail
Hardware Technology Technology Agnostic
Independently tested for most
advanced technology solutions

VIDX Series
Technology dependent
Technology dependent
95% Greater Accuracy Yes Yes Yes
Cloud-based Software Yes
Vea Analytics Platform
ShoperTrak Analytics Suite
RetailNext Traffic 2.0
Monthly Software Rate $ $$ $$$
API Yes Yes Yes


SenSource has competed head to head in the retail market with two of the largest people counting providers, ShopperTrak and RetailNext, for over a decade. Our industry is rapidly advancing as the face of retail changes to serve technologically savvy customers with evolving expectations. To maintain relevancy, it’s more important than ever to collect accurate customer traffic data and take action quickly to improve operations, customer experience and store profitability.

All three companies – SenSource, ShopperTrak and RetailNext, have proven track records of providing accurate, reliable store traffic data. While our competitors lure prospects with additional bells and whistles, we’ve determined that many of these features aren’t the best fit for many retailers. SenSource provides a way out for ShopperTrak and RetailNext customers paying a premium for services they don’t need.

SenSource has developed a unique business model that provides a cost-effective, full-featured solution that meets and exceeds the expectations of any size retailer. Our customer base, including some of the most famous retailers and former clients of our largest competitors, speaks volumes about SenSource reputation and ability to deliver on promises. SenSource provides a turn-key solution from project management and installation to maintenance and support. Our solution features advanced software tools retailers need with a robust set of KPI’s, metrics and analysis including accurate customer traffic, POS and staffing integration. We also provide proprietary reports that include best-in-class predictive traffic and prescriptive labor.  All this at an annual SaaS rate that is affordable for retailers of any size.

Why pay for features you aren’t using? Contact us for special pricing to switch to a more streamlined experience.

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