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People Counting

Accurately counting visitor traffic with electronic people counters, retail footfall counters, or a pedestrian counter is essential for business professionals to make sound strategic decisions. SenSource has a wide selection of people counters to help any size company easily evaluate staffing needs, staff performance, conversion ratios, marketing campaigns, floor plans, product displays & more.

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Vea Analytics Platform

Make the most of your people counting solution with Vea cloud-based reporting and analytics platform. Visualize facility usage and performance in a new way using Vea’s intuitive drag and drop dashboard components. Gain insight into the future and make strategic decisions with predictive and prescriptive analytics. Make better business decisions with accurate traffic data at your fingertips.

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People Counter Hardware & People Counting Software

In today’s world, analytics and data reign supreme. We are a society driven by numbers, facts and figures and make many decisions based on the promise of ROI and increased sales. For many businesses and organizations, measurement and analytics begin by quantifying footfall within a space or onto the property. With the help of a people counter or traffic counter, business professionals can make informed decisions about the future of the business. Our Vea Analytics Software takes the data collected by the people counters and analyzes it, pointing out invaluable insights and opportunities for continued business success. Understanding the traffic patterns in your facility opens up a number of additional factors you can begin to analyze. From staffing levels and marketing promotions, to hours of operation and conversion rates, Vea Retail Analytics software can offer new insights into your business. The valuable data provided by people counting software is ideal for a number of industries and sites, including: retail, libraries, casinos, fast casual dining, government & public spaces, space management and student unions. To learn more about the people counters available from SenSource Inc. and how they can help your business gain additional insights based on customer traffic, contact us or request a quote today. Contact Us