5 Ways Your Church Facility Can Encourage Attendance

Church Attendance CollectionAttendance collection in churches helps church administrators realize the fluctuation of congregation size and provides a benchmark for growing the congregation. There are countless factors that go into why someone attends church. One area to consider is if your church facility is encouraging attendance.

Why People Attend Church

First, determine the reasons why people attend church. Gary Zandstra describes five reasons why people attend church and how your facility can encourage attendance in his article, “What Does Your Church Facility Have To Do With Attendance” on the Worship Facilities’ blog.

1. People come to church for an experience.

2. People come to connect and fellowship.

3. People come to find meaning.

4. People come to seek respite from a noisy world.

5. People come to seek comfort.

How Your Facility Can Encourage Attendance

In order to encourage existing members to maintain membership, new members to return and prospective visitors to consider your church, the facility must be equipped to meet these needs. Zandstra details in his article questions to reflect to determine if your facility is encouraging attendance:

1. What in your facility brings a social or spiritual experience?
For example – Art, performances, dramatic lighting, refreshments

2. Do you have a place that allows connections and fellowship to happen?
For example – furniture for sitting or meeting, open space to congregate

3. What catalysts do you provide to help one find meaning?
For example, opportunities for people to see things in a different way through art, donations, volunteerism, a reference library, etc.

4. In your facility are there areas where one can “escape” and get alone with God?
For example, a quiet room for prayer and reflection

5. Do you offer a private area for those who seek comfort through prayer?
Again, a quiet room with comfortable furnishings where people can gather for prayer

These are helpful questions to ponder when planning a church renovation or expansion or even for making adjustments and repurposing space in your existing facility. Designing a facility that meets the needs of the congregation will encourage attendance and fosters an atmosphere of the church’s ultimate goal – leading people to Christ.

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