Improving Retail Operations As A Nonprofit Retailer

Don’t let budget constraints keep you from investing in technologies necessary to improve retail operations. When your retail store’s focus is on a greater good, such as nonprofit retailers, you’re typically investing funds in obvious services and resources for the cause. However, it’s vital to invest in technologies that assist in maintaining efficient retail operations in order to increase customer satisfaction and ultimately increase your bottom line. People counting sensors are a technology that provide retailers needed data about their stores or chain of stores and alleviates the manual data collection process. Conversion ratio is a key metric for retailers and requires knowing total traffic and traffic patterns. Armed with this data, retailers can adjust store hours, staffing levels and promotions. People counting sensors with extra features and a higher price tag don’t always fit into a small retailer’s budget. SenSource offers a people counting solution for this exact situation. The C-cam* people counting sensor offers reliable and accurate data and is the most cost-effective solution in its market. It’s available as a turnkey solution with onboard data logging for basic reporting; or in conjunction with SenSource Vea software for dynamic reporting and point of sale integration for automated conversion rate and other key performance indicators. Don’t settle for less than the best. Reliable, accurate data will keep retailers with tight-budgets ahead of competition and the C-cam* people counting system will keep you within budget while gathering needed data. Contact the SenSource sales team today to see which plan is best for your store.

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People Counting Sensor for the Cost-Conscious Library Technology That Stays Within Budget New Traffic Counting Solution from SenSource for Tight Budgets *This product is no longer available


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