SenSource Receives Platinum Distinction in MLA’s for the Sixth Year

2020 MLA Award

It is always an honor to receive a platinum distinction award in the Modern Library Awards (MLA’s) and SenSource is excited to have received it for the sixth year in a row. SenSource was recognized by LibraryWorks, Inc. in the MLA’s for their intelligent imaging people counter series.

The MLAs were created to recognize the top products and services in the library industry in a truly unbiased format.

SenSource’s Intelligence Imaging People Counters use various tracking technologies, such as 3D Video and artificial intelligence (AI), to provide the industry’s most accurate people counting systems. This line of products measures footfall, track and counts individuals entering, exiting and dwelling with precision. This innovative technology is the ideal solution for libraries interested in making data-driven decisions.

Pairing the patron counting sensors with the SenSource Vea analytics reporting platform is an extra bonus that customers appreciate. One customer stated, “… API access to Vea has enabled us to build our own tools and combine data with other sources for analytics. Accuracy…has even helped us identify building security problems (students leaving via non-alarmed fire exit creating occupancy errors).” Customers were also impressed with the “ability to customize the (analytics) dashboard and create personalized heatmaps…”

View the full list of Modern Library Awards honoree’s on the LibraryWorks site. For more information about SenSource and our products, please contact us today!

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