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At SenSource, we pride ourselves on providing solutions using the latest technologies for people counters and vehicle counters. Our staff of degreed engineers, software developers and technical support specialists ensure our sensing technologies and software meet the customer’s expectations, fit each unique application and are supported after installation.

People Counting Sensors

SenSource people counting sensors are offered in a variety of series to meet the unique needs of customers. The ClearCount Intelligent Imaging line of products boasts 95% or greater accuracy guaranteed and uses the latest traffic monitoring technologies, including 3D video, thermal imaging and active infrared. For applications where a general idea of traffic volume and patterns are acceptable or need for a low-cost solution, the Battery Powered Wireless line of people counters is a better fit. SenSource also offers a variety of Outdoor Rated people counters.

Directional and Non-Directional Sensors

Directional sensors detect the direction of passing foot traffic, entrances and exits, and logs the count of each separately. Non-directional sensors do not detect the direction of passing foot traffic and increment a total count for exits and entrances. It is recommended to divide this total number by two to receive the average one-way traffic, making non-directional people counters a less accurate solution than directional people counters. 

Vehicle Counting Sensors

SenSource offers two series of vehicle counting technologies – Inductive Burial Loop and Pressure Hose systems. The Inductive Burial Loop is an accurate and permanent application requiring a wire loop to be buried underground. The Pressure Hose vehicle counter is a portable application counting each axel of vehicles passing over the pressure hose.


What sets SenSource apart from the competition is our Vea Analytics Software. We offer customers flexible options to support their people counting or vehicle counting solution with Vea Software, VeaWeb online portal and hosted data models. Vea Software is customizable and expandable making it the perfect fit for customers who simply want to view traffic data or customers who want a complete predictive analytics solution integrated with additional data sources.

Retailers, libraries, casinos, government facilities, universities and fast casual dining establishments are just a few industries using SenSource solutions. Learn more about how Vea Analytics software can be used in your industry.

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