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Video Based IP Traffic Counter with Queueing

3D  |  ClearCount 3D

  • Accuracy in high traffic

  • Accurate in any environment

  • Manage queue lines & dwell times

SenSource Outdoor 3D Video People Counter

1D  |  TB12  

  • Ideal for single file traffic

  • Easy to install

  • Cost efficient


We pride ourselves on offering the best people counter solution for your unique application. Select from the above options - our most advanced 3D people counter or the entry-level 1D people counter.

Please contact our sales team for any additional information needed. We are happy to help you decide the best combination of hardware and software options.

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SenSource Inc. is a premier supplier of people counter systems. Ranging from library people counters to casino people counters, all of our systems include technology that is easily expandable and upgradeable. Each people counter, from entry-level to enterprise solutions, incorporate the latest technology in sensing, data collection and reporting. Select the Industries tab at the top of the page to learn how a SenSource people counter is used in your industry.

SenSource people counter technologies range from 95%+ accurate intelligent imaging sensors with our 3D ClearCount series to our basic infrared 1D people counter. SenSource’s diversified products are why small and large companies across the globe rely on us for their customer traffic detection and analysis.


Interacting with your traffic data has never been better. Using Vea, access data anywhere at any time and rest assured knowing it’s hosted on our secure servers.

• Intuitive business intelligence cloud software system

• Customizable dashboards with automated report sharing

• Unlimited data source integration

• Easily scalable to expand as your company grows

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SenSource Sensor Key

Look for these icons as you browse our sensors to help guide your selection. Click below for definitions of directional and non-directional sensors.


Vea Analytics Software

What to do with your traffic data? The sky’s the limit with Vea’s expandable integrations and custom reporting features.

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